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Teen Esteem Family Sweet Tea

May 1st is National College Decision Day. High School seniors across the nation notify the college or

university of their decision to accept or decline offers of enrollment for the fall semester. For many

parents on this day, they’re faced with the reality that their child is embarking on a journey far away from home and occupying space in an unfamiliar environment. This can be both jolting for the teen and cause overwhelmingly mixed emotions for the parent. On April 20, 2024,Teen Esteem hosted “A Sweet Family Tea” and honored 6 graduating seniors.

The Mental Health theme emphasized ensuring the graduating class has the tools and support system to be mentally fit as they prepare to travel to college and away from home. Presenters Dr. Deja Alexander and Dennis Bourne provided tips to help parents and teens strengthen communication and mental health awareness, set realistic expectations, how to recognize daily challenges, establish practicing mindfulness and prepare for transformative experiences.

The program concluded by directing Teen Esteem to live life by practicing understanding, placing their happiness and safety as top priorities over their loved ones’ goals and aspirations.

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